A website is no longer just a simple online brochure, the internet has redefined the way businesses and consumers operate. Having a great web design can truly be a doorway to opportunity as it communicates your message, products and services to the entire world 24 hours a day. How effective this communication is depends in part on how well your website design is executed.

At Social Insights, each and every one of our  designs are made from templates while insuring that your website is unique as your own business. Our team works with your personally to help determine what your strategies and needs are. With your input we will build a one of a kind, SEO friendly website that will give you a head start over your competition.

First impressions of your website

Visitors to your website form a first impression of your business within the first couple of seconds on the site. (some research says that a decision is made in less time than it takes to blink your eye). A poor first impression means that the opportunity for the visitor to become a customer or client is lost before it ever has the chance to begin.

On the flip side, a professional looking website that is easy to read, understand and navigate gives the visitor a positive perception of the business. This leads visitors to trust the company and continue to return to the website.

Elements of a successful web design

  1. Design – Your website design should be professional and designed with the user in mind.
  2. Navigation – Visitors don’t want to “figure out” how to move from one page to the next… they would rather leave the site. Make sure your navigation is simple and easy to use, No gimmicks.
  3. Search Engine Optimization – The best looking website on the internet is useless if no one can find it. Search Engine Optimization is important to help increase the visibility of your website and get it in front of your potential customers and clients.
  4. Content – “Content is king.” You have heard it a thousand times but it is arguably the most important aspect of a good website. Good writing and valuable content are what your visitors are interested in.