Directional advertising, is available when the buyer is ready to buy and looking for the products or services offered by the advertiser. This type of advertising is referenced when the buyer is ready for it. Directional advertising includes, search engines, SEO, online directories and yellow pages, review sites, Mobile websites, Maps, and to a much lesser degree, print phone books, newspapers, and directory assistance.

Creative advertising on the other hand, tries to create a need for or awareness of a brand. Chances are, the buyer is not ready to buy, meaning that the advertiser is gambling on whether or not their ad is in the right place at the right time. Since the buyer probably isn’t ready to buy, they often forget the advertisement within a day or two. Non-directional advertising is usually found in newspapers, direct mail, radio, television, billboards, magazines, and word of mouth.

Local Search is designed to “direct” the customer, who has already made the decision to buy a product or service from the provider. It is the strongest medium that is used when the buyer is ready to buy! What a powerful portal to your business!  Local Search Internet Advertising is the only advertising medium left that accomplishes this other than your old phone book.  Although websites can help generate a desire to buy they are not intended to “create” a desire to buy.  Local Search Internet advertising works symbiotically with creative advertising. In essence, directional advertising helps customers find businesses.

Directional Advertising – Advantages

  • Reaches consumers who are ready to buy, and are looking for your product or service at the exact moment they need it.
  • Builds and maintains prestige for your business.
  • Provides precise identification of product or service.
  • Compliments other forms of advertising.
  • Highlights special services.