Platinum Package


$800.00 set up fee

Social Media Management – Use your customers and network to your advantage.  Presence marketing and social media is now a necessary solution for your business.  We create Profiles on  the main Social Networking Sites, Upload Photos, Videos, or Podcasts, Post Press Release, Post Articles, Post to Directories, Post updates, Manage Network, Gain users and likes, Stay in the mix wih business Updates, generate reviews, Customer acceptance, Status updates, Promotional Offers

Directional Marketing Advertising and Inclusion – Where are people looking for products and services?  Be where your prospects are!  We create and manage and purchase your listings on the Major directional Marketing websites.  The ultimate in permission based marketing.  Be found when people are looking for you.  Advertise under multiple heading searches.   Your customers will find you and see you first.

Reputation and Review Management – What are people saying about you?  Are there people impacting your business that you don’t even know about?  There are plenty of ways to handle good and even bad reviews. You just need to know about them. We work with Google alerts to let us know when a mention of your site appears somewhere and then we act. Most of the time it is good, but for those bad reviews you need to respond. A good clear answer on why someone had a bad experience can go a long way to neutralize the bad review. Bad reviews can be turned into good PR

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Our marketing program, conducted over several months, provides a comprehensive internet marketing campaign for your website. Our 12-month program works with both on-site and off-site components of your site and includes, Web evaluation, Meta Tags, Title Tags, Keyword research, Page optimization, Content optimization, XML sitemap creation, installation, Google analytics, General directory listings, Request links from industry sites

Video Creation and Optimization – YouTube is the second most popular search engine.  Successful businesses use Videos as a form of increasing visibility and engagement.  Optimizing your online commercials is a must for instilling trust to your potential buyers throughout your advertisments.   We will create and submit your video to Youtube, your website and all allowable advertisements.

Comprehensive Lead tracking – You will have access to weekly call and click reports through your accounts..   These will be customized to deliver the information that is most helpful to see the day to day trends in your customer activity.  These reports include and are not limited to Total phone calls, Caller IDs, Call duration, Time of day, cost per lead, cost per call, cost per customer . A monthly meeting by phone or web will help you stay in touch with your program.